• To promote co-operation, consensus and unity on Muslim affairs in Ireland
  • To promote Peace & Integration in Ireland and facilitate a positive integration experience for Muslims in Ireland
  • To prevent extremism and isolation in the Muslim community
  • To promote unity and solidarity among all communities in Ireland
  • To work for a more enlightened appreciation of Islam and Muslims in wider society
  • To promote inter and intra faith dialogues in the promotion of tolerance and mutual respect in a diverse society
  • To liaise with Government bodies and NGO’s on matters related to the Muslim community.
  • To foster better community relations and work for the benefit of the society as a who through promoting the concepts of social inclusion, active citizenship and equality
  • To organize, and coordinate, humanitarian relief efforts in Ireland and abroad


  • Act as a voice for the Irish Muslims so as to enable them to highlight both to Development Boards and to other relevant agencies the issues affecting the delivery of services within the County for the Muslim community.
  • Act as a support mechanism to strive to improve the conditions for the Muslim community within the country.
  • To influence the policies, strategies and overall decision-making process of all relevant agencies operating in the county.
  • Act as a conduit for information and feedback to and from the Network in relation to specific policies and initiatives, thereby ensuring that the concerns of Muslim community are heard at local and national level.
  • Act as a lobby group for Muslims in the Island of Ireland in relation to issues that affect them.