The Emergence of Barelwi Extremism: Protecting the Honour of the Prophet while Betraying His Tradition


Barelwis are estimated to constitute between 50%-60%of the Muslim population in Pakistan in contrast with 25%-25% Deobandis, 15% percent Shia s and 5% Salafis/Wahhabis.

The Deobandis are responsible for more than 90 % of militancy, 100 % of suicide bombings and other indiscriminate massacred in the country. Barelwis, however, are the least violent among the Muslim community, responsible for less than 1 % of militancy.

A new narrative and ideology is spreading among Barelwi Muslims which has led to the glorification of those who kill in the name of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) in order to “protect his honour and dignity”.

This paper examines the historical background of the Barelwi movement and the recently popular narrative “Gustakh e Rasool ki ek hi Saza, Sir tan se Juda” and will explore the countering of this form of extremist ideology, promoting a counter narrative with the tradition of Islam.

Download the research paper here : The Emergence of Barelwi Extremism by Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri

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