Eid at Croke Park UPDATE

The Eid Prayer at Croke Park is a highly anticipated and historic event which will reflect the pluralism and diversity of our beautiful country Ireland. As Muslims we are delightful to be able to express our Irish Muslim dual-identity on one of the most important days in the Islamic calendar.

As you can understand we have received huge interest from many Muslim brothers and sisters who would like to be part of Eid at Croke Park. Within two hours 500 people registered on Eventbribe and more than 500 people also registered their interest on Facebook.

The current Government guidelines do not allow for more than 200 people to gather due to pushing forward the Phase 4 from the 20nd of July 20 the 10th of August.

We have written to the Taoiseach requesting a dispensation from this rule as Croke Park is a large venue which can accomodate 500 people outdoors while also maintaining strict social distancing.

We are awaiting from a response and shall be in contact with all those who registered with us in the next few days to confirm if they will be able to attend on Friday 31 July 2020 Eid at Croke Park and abide by the Social distancing Rules. Those that will, will receive a re-confirmation.

Please do NOT come to the Croke Park on Eid Day without a re-confirmation ticket. You will NOT be allowed entrance without a re-confirmation ticket.

More details to be followed…..

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