Benefits of Joining the Council


  • Partnership promotes a stronger collective voice
  • Shared information, resources and skills
  • Varied and collective expertise and experience
  • Promotes a shared workload
  • Builds relationships with and knowledge of other organisations
  • Provides a voice for smaller Muslim groups
  • Helps build the capacity of Muslim groups

Membership Form:

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council


    Yes, I hereby attest that I am a Muslim residing in Ireland and believe that there is no God except Allah and that Muhammad ﷺ is His Final Messenger and I accept the vision, mission and objectives of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council. I promise to follow the Council’s rules and regulations. I agree to resort to Islamic arbitration in resolving all disputes with the Council and its members. I agree to support IMPIC in its activities and services insha Allah and agree to pay the annual membership fees of €25

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