Statement– New Zealand Terror Attacks

 Statement– New Zealand Terror Attacks

 Our thoughts and prayers are with the 49 people who have been killed, and dozens more who have been injured, after a gunman opened fire at Mosques in New Zealand during the Friday prayers.

The gunman, like all other terrorists, aimed to spread hatred and fear. Innocent people have been killed in cold blood, but we will not let these terrorists and Islamophobes succeed. We must all stand together against all forms of extremism with unity.

As Muslims, we are deeply concerned and anxious about growing levels of Islamophobia across the World. The threat of the far-right extremists is real, and we must realise the threat that they pose to our societies. Hatred of any community creates a downward spiral of violence and terror, which affects all in a society.

We urge Muslims to remain calm and extra vigilant in this distressing time. IMPIC will continue to work with authorities to protect all of our communities against the growing threat posed by all extremists.

Mosques in Ireland will hold special services during Friday prayers in memory of those affected by the terrorist shooting in New Zealand. We will be praying for the grieving families and for Peace and Compassion in our increasingly poralised world.

I welcome the statements and messages of condemnation of these terrorist attacks and underlying messages of Unity and Solidarity with the Muslim communities from political, faith and civic leadership in Ireland.

We also urge the social media companies around the world to play their important role by clamping down on extremism and hate narratives which are spread through their platforms.

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri,
Chair Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council
Head Imam Islamic Centre of Ireland


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Deirdre C.

Sincere condolences to all the families and friends of those who were murdered in ChristChurch NZ this week and to the Muslim community worldwide. Peace & Love to you all. From Dublin, Ireland.

4 months ago
Ms Aoife Obrien

You are my neighbours and my equals…condolences


4 months ago
Lorna C

I want to express solidarity with those killed and harmed today, as well as all those affected by these monsters actions. Hate, racism and islamophobia have no place in our world, and attacks like these should be condemned and the communities affected protected.

Le grà,

4 months ago
Ron Coveney

This terrorist attack on innocent people at prayer is disgusting. My heart goes out not only to the people that were lost in this senseless act and their families but also to the global Muslim community and of course the people of NZ.
Right Wing Extremeism cannot be allowed to take over our global narrative.
‘Only light can destroy darkness


4 months ago
Ann Cooney

We must try by our words and deeds, to stand in solidarity with the families of the murdered and wounded and with the wider Muslim community.
My condolences to the grieving families.

4 months ago
Sue Kelly

May all rest in peace. We are all humans. Let not one act of savagery define us all.

4 months ago
Joan O'Connell

I wish to express my sincere sympathy and condolences to the families and loved ones of those people whose lives were so violently ended in Christchurch. My thoughts and solidarity also go to the survivors and their loved ones, who face a difficult road ahead. And to the ummah, and people of New Zealand, I join with all those who stand with you at this terrible time, and always.

4 months ago
Deirdre O'Sullivan

Please know that my heart and prayers are with you as you try to come to terms with this horrendous act against the Muslim community not just in New Zealand but world wide. We cannot allow acts of hatred define us and must stand together irrespective of race colour and religion for peace. Our children deserve it.

4 months ago

I stand in solidarity and support for our Muslim friends and neighbours in Ireland, and ask that all rational people in Ireland strive to remove hatred and bigotry, and fight against those who would promote it. Peace and blessings to you all.

4 months ago
Shirley McGurk

Having lived from the age of seven with the troubles in the North of Ireland, we know where hatred and violence lead. Sincere condolences to the Muslim community and to the people of Christchurch New Zealand.

4 months ago
Margaret Comey

It is a disgusting act of the highest order to kill someone at prayer. These people serve no useful place in a modern inclusive society where their barbaric behaviour sets them apart from everyone else and shows they lack the most fundamental awareness of how to behave in a civilized manner towards everyone else.

4 months ago
Corinne O’hare

Sincere condolences to all the families and friends of those who were murdered in NZ this week.

4 months ago
Darach Ó Maoláin

If there is anything to learn from this tragedy, it’s that life must be valued. I’m reminded of message from the Quran, “And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” Discrimination and racism must be put to rest. Hatred should not be made welcome in our society. My sincerest condolences to their families and brothers and sisters in faith.

4 months ago

Please understand that this individual does not represent anybody but himself. May your faith and love help you through this terrible time. Sympathy and thoughts to all of you from a UK citizen.

4 months ago
Jeremiah Gerard Curtin

I am horrified by the horrendous act of violence perpetrated as those people in New Zealand for no other reason than their wish to practise their faith. My thoughts are with you and with all Muslims everywhere.

4 months ago
Sorcha Fox

Deepest condolences to the family and friends of all the people killed in Christchurch. Solidarity and strength to the Muslim community there and here in Ireland. Love

4 months ago
Eoin Gubbins

Solidarity, condolences, and love to all.

4 months ago
Graeme C

We stand hand in hand with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We cannot keep going down this path of ignorance and irrational hatred toward other religions. Deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in such a senseless manner

4 months ago
Brian Coonan

sincere condolences to all friends and families of those who lost their lives at the hands of this individual.A lot of things have come under threat today in NZ. The belief that NZ was a safe haven for individual s who came from other troubled parts of the world. This belief should not be seen as naïveté but as something of which NZ can be proud of. The beliefs of this individual and other members of this minority must be challenged when encontered. This isn’t a Muslim problem this is OUR PROBLEM.

4 months ago
Don Lavery

I want to express our solidarity with those murdered and wounded today. And our utter revulsion against such an act by terrorists. Love will win over hate. Don Lavery, Ireland.

4 months ago

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