IMPIC representatives attend funerals of Irish victims of Tunisian ISIS attack


The CEO of Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri and members of the Council attended the funerals of Mr. Hayes & Ms. Hayes in Athlone and Mrs. Carty in Robinstown. Members from the Athlone Islamic Centre also attended the funeral in Athlone.

The three Irish citizens lost their life tragically during the ISIS attack in Tunisia this month. Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri said that it was important to express solidarity and sympathy to the families on behalf of the Muslim community in Ireland and attending the funeral highlights the strong disapproval of Muslim leadership to the terrorist attacks.

The presence of Muslim leadership was noted by the Christian clerics, relatives of the deceased and also the Irish Media.

Michael Hayes, brother of Ms Hayes, greeted the members of the Muslim community with the Arabic words “as-salamu alaykum” (peace be upon you) and said that it is a difficult time for also the Muslim community as some will wrongly blame them for the actions of the terrorists. It was also mentioned how Muslim staff members of the hotel saved many tourists from the terrorist.

“The massacre of innocents is always an abominable crime. When done in the name of God, it is also blasphemy.”

Fr Devine described during the funeral that Islam is a religion that reverences the sacredness of life. The Tunisian people too were a victim of the massacre, he reminded the congregation. He also mentioned that terrorism has no religion.

The presence of members of the Muslim community was highly appreciated.

Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council has organised a “Not in our Name” protest against ISIS as a reaction to the barbaric attacks in the name of Islam.

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Dear Anne Hayes McMahon,

We thank you very much for your comments and support for the “Not in our Name” protest.

Larry and Martina are in our prayers along with all other innocent victims of violence and injustice. It was our duty to be present at the funerals and we thank you for acknowledging our presence.

We will continue to struggle for peace in the society through bridging communities and reaching out to all communities. Indeed through learning to understand one another in a spirit of mutual tolerance, respect and trust, peaceful societies are built.

4 years ago
Anne Hayes McMahon

My brother Larry Hayes and sister-in-law Martina were killed 1 month ago in the terrorist attacks in Tunisia. I sincerely appreciated the presence of Shaykh Umar Al Quadri and other representatives of IMPIC at their funeral service.

While I may not be able to attend tomorrow’s protest march, I wish to express my support for it, and for all those who attend. I know that Islam is a religion of peace, and I believe that it is vitally important that Muslims in Ireland (and elsewhere) communicate this very clearly to the wider society .

It is also so important that strong links are made with other religious traditions and with local communities. I can see that this is important to IMPIC, and I wish you every success in this endeavour. It is only through reaching out and learning to understand one another in a spirit of mutual tolerance, respect and trust, that peaceful societies are built.

4 years ago

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